Skunk2 catback fitment issues-please help, scraping

I just finished installing a brand new skunk2 cat-back exhuast and there are some problems with fitment. 4 of the 6 metal rods that are on the skunk2 fit right into the rubber hangers that are already on my car(2 on the resonator and 2 on the muffler). The other 2 have nowhere to attach. Also now that it is all bolted together the muffler doesnt stick out quite enough and the top almost touches the bottem of the bumper . Also the BIGGEST problem is that with my car lowered the resonator hangs so low it almost always scrapes (its not lowered much) and hamgs way lower than my previous greddy.
Thanks much.

please my car is almost undrivable because of all the scraping. Someone else must have installed this exhuast on a teg with a drop.

i’m thinkn bout the s2 exhaust too, but if ur havin fitment probs then i’m leanin away from it, wat does it sound like??