Skunk2 coilovers.... still have wheel gap! HELP

For those of you who love to be slammed :shock: Who’s tucking in the front and how did you do it? Don’t say airbags or cut springs please… Will Ground Control coilovers go lower than Skunk2’s? Or does anyone have reasonable advise, my bumpstops are cut in half. Skunk2’s are dropped all the way in front and I still have a 2 finger gap:rocket: The rear is beautiful. Any advise or your setup is appreciated, thanks

Hey JR, I used to have Skunk2 civic springs and it was slammed…something doesnt sound right if u got urs on the lowest setting and u still have a 2 finger gap…did u put the stock dust boots on? That maybe a possibility why it may be sitting that high…I had to take mines off cause of that. but Im pretty sure its not the coilovers buddy. Ive seen tegs with the skunk2s and it looks nice. HTH


yeah, there is something wrong. what rims/tires are you running? take a look at the pics in my member page. i’m riding on skunk2’s and there is probably 1" left that i can go on the sleeve. I tuck both my 195-55-15’s and my 185-65-14’s just a tad front and rear.

like thanh said, maybe the dust covers? are you on the stock bump stops? i’m using my illumina bump stops (which came 1/2 the size of the stock ones—but they are firmer) and i still cut a little off of them.