Skunk2 Intake manifold throttle body gasket question

So, I’m starting my head build next weekend, so I went in to Autozone to order all the various gaskets, etc. The intake manifold gasket lines up perfect, and should do the job. Problem is, though, that the throttle body gasket they gave me wasn’t even close to fitting correctly.

On the packaging, it said

“1992-1993 2.3 Honda (H23A)”

However, my car is obviously not rocking an H series motor. I have a JDM B18C, non Type-R (so, “JDM GS-R”). I’m swapping on a first gen Skunk2 Intake manifold, and when I test fitted the gasket, the size was WAY off. there were open parts of the gasket that stuck out by almost an inch, and some of the provisions in the gasket for the coolant, etc. were way off, some of the provisions even stuck out beyond the casting of the manifold.

I don’t have any pics of the terrible fitment, as I’ve already returned the gasket, but is there something I’m missing, here? I thought that most of the B and H series TBs were interchangeable for the most part, anyway.

Ideas/suggestions? I need info by this weekend.

Which throttlebody are you using??..I have the skunk2 pro series on mine and I’m not sure if there’s a difference besides looks of the 1st version…I also reused the b18c1 throttle body and got a oem gasket and it works fine and fitment was flushed…

reusing the OEM GS-R throttle body. From what I gathered as well, the only difference between the different gens of the intake manifold are cosmetic, for the most part.

for my consideration, do you have the part number for the OEM GS-R gasket? If I need to order straight from a dealer, I’ll do it. I need it within a week.

Yeah. Oem acura parts of peoria was pretty quick…hold up. I still got the box…

I got like 2 extras. Ones used oem and the other came with the skunk2 throttle body I got in a trade which was like brand new in box too…The skunk2 68mm pro series throttle body I got says it fits all B and D and H series…

Oem b18c1 1994 throttle body gasket on the left and aftermarket to the right…I’m not sure which series the aftermarket one came from but the guy I traded gave that too. I think that is not skunk2 gasket.