slice & dice?

yo whats up i have a 92 obd1 engine and an obd0 car. what do i need to do to make it run rite. i have both wire harness. obd1 is still on engine. do u have to rewire stuff.??? i cant figure it out.please let me know. thanks

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i tryed going to rewire but i could’t find anything.??? is hard to do what i have to do or easy
OBD1 engine and OBD0 car have both integra obd1 is wrecked took the engine out wanna put it in a 91 integra wich is obd0 idk what i have to do all i know is the distrubutor needs to be rewired or somthing

you do this:

Basically, you will be using your obd0 engine harness. this is easier than trying to swap all the wiring… Correct me if i’m wrong folks!!!

1) Buy my obdo-obd1 jumper harness that is in the for sale section. or you can make your own…this lets you add things such as an obd1 ECU, 4 wire o2 sensor, vtec (if you decide to do this later) and a knock sensor if needed.

2)find an obd1 ECU that is compatible with your engine

3)get an obd1 distributor (which i think you already have), install that with your engine, cut the obd1 female plug from the engine harness, cut your obd0 connector from your distributor housing, mate the slack wires from the plugs with each other using a wiring diagram (or you can connect the wires directly from your distributor upto your obd0 engine harness.upto you)

4) install your o2 sensor and the rest of your wiring

and you’re done for the most part. i am sure i missed 1 or 2 things but that’s about it. there are some good articles in the tegtips or in the hybrid section.

key here is though…buy my harness!

slice & dice?

i started sitching over my obd1 harness to obd0. first we removed the plugs off the fuel injectors. went to but obd0 on and wouldnt work the obd1 fuel injectors are lil differnt. slice n dice or is it easyer then that. im sure i will run into more problems tomorrow. u guys know anything that would help me out?
on the engine is an obd1 distrubtor. my buddy has an obd0 distrubtor off a
b16. will it work rite. n is that all i gotta change for obd1 to obd0.

you’re doing this because? most people do obd0 to obd1. weird

wait…you’re dicing up your harness just because you want to put an obd0 distributor on? Why not just pay for a obd1 dist…:think:

and i have a odb1 dist for sale:) lol

ok. all i wanna know is what i have to do to make my car run rite when i put an obd1 engine and wiring harness into an OBD0 car>? i took a LS out of a 92 integra that was total and im puttin it into a 91 integra. ok. 92 integra is obd1.91 integra is obd0. now what sould i do nothing conects all the wiring plugs on the obd1 are smaller then the obd0.??? i have the obd0 harness. am i waisthing my time by switch the obd1 harness on the engine and putting the obd0 just becase the car is set up as obd0???

don’t cut anything. if you did, you already messed up. Since your car is obd0 and the engine is obd1, you need to convert yout car to obd1 but it means that you also need to convert your engine to obd0, lol. you will need to swap everything obd0 onto the new engine. including obd0 injecors! use your obd0 engine harness on your new engine and go to through the obd1 conversion! you will need a ecu harness…then follow the steps!

ok so if i wanted to make the car obd1 what would i have to do???

I thought you had to change the distrubutor to odb1 and the ecu to a odb1 i have both of them for sale too:) lol i believe that all you have to do thow

ok… check the list out!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

that list is based on the assumption that you have the following…

and obd1 engine complete with DISTRIBUTOR and wiring harness and an obd0 engine complete with all accessories and an obd0 car.

all you need is to:
Swap the obd1 engine harness and injectors with the obd0 harness, injectors and possibly the alternator (depending on the plugs) to the obd1 engine. at that point, you will only use the obd1 harness for parts to make your distributor harness

make sure that you get rid of the obd0 ecu and that you use the obd1 DISTRIBUTOR. Create a jumper harness between the obd 0 engine harness and obd1 distributor (how you do this is upto you, either by using the plugs from your obd1 engine harness and obd0 ecu or by splicing into the harness).

Get a Jumper harness so that you can plug an obd1 ecu into the obd0 main harness (under your dash) you can get the jumper harness from ME or anyone else…whatever…

you get a pr4 obd1 ecu. you can get that from adamlpsj or whoever…whatever…

you find a 4 wire o2 sensor because (i assume) i don’t think that you can complete the swap and make it run perfect without it.

you should be able to get the car started whithout the o2 sensor done correctly. there is a way of using the 1 wire but i have no idea how that goes.

If you do not have an idea of how to do it after all this, then you’d be better off having a friend that has done it before help you. It is really not that hard. you should have been able to figure it out from the first list. not trying to rag on you. it’s just that if you do not get this right, you may end up frying your distributor or something…

ok thanks (gilcontr) ill try this out when i go back to school on monday