Slimfans help..

Does any one know if this fan will work with a Fluidyne radiator for a 90-93 Integra?
The discription states it’s for a 94 + integra. I can’t seem to find a decient slim fan setup for under 300 bucks. Any help would be nice…

Any fan can be mounted as long as its not too big. It might take some creativity. The 3rd gen radiator is much narrower than our cars, I’d look for somthing wider.

Side note,
I used this fan on my late 80s Accord and was able it mount it with high temp zip ties and it worked great for years. The radiator was approximately the same dimensions as our Integras. Good luck!

Maximum Fan CFM:1,800 cfm?? Would this amount of cfm be enough?
185.00 is not a bad price.
Let me throw this out here since it’s on my mind.
I spun a rod bearing and manage to break a oil squirter… #4
So to make a long story short… I’m rebuilding the bottom end.
I have a spare set of B17A rods and a crank which will be sent out to get ballanced.
Shopping list:
ITR oil and water pump.
OEM top and bottom end gasket kit.
4 new oil squiters.
OEM fuel and oil filter.
OEM pilot and throw out bearing.
New syncos for the the YS1.
A new set of wires cap and rotor. I’m thinking of this … ??
I was also thinking of investing in a toda or greedy timming belt. [is the oem timing belt good for daily 9500 rpm and hold up for a year or 2??]
Last question…rod bearings… any suggestions?
If anyone have a suggestion to add to my list… which will improve preformance or reliablity of the bottom end… please feel free to suggest.

Good call on the MSD parts.
An aftermarket timing belt is not a bad idea either, especially since you rev high.
As for rod bearings, I like to use OEM.
If you want to strengthen the bottom end then you should have the rods shot peened. Its decently cheap and makes the rods much stronger.

You could also add a deckplate, thats a debate though. On my next B project I’m probably gonna post the block, since its cheap.

Shot peening them is a good idea… I forgot all about that… thanks.
a deck plate? not a block guard? or are they are the same thing?

Look no further, slim fans for dirt cheap, and they are top quality, solid fan housing, not floppy weakness like Imperial fans that cost more.

Thank you VERY MUCH! :bow:

awww shit… they are all sold out!!
can you believe that sh!t??
I’m now stuck like chuck…
need a set of samco radiator hose… and the fans.
I’m just guna have to spring for the FAL duel 12" fans. $230.00 :think:
I’m going to have to forget about the Toda timming belt…or the block guard…
I searched the fourm for post regarding blockguards… but found no yes or no answer. :sipread: