sluggish acceleration

I got my car with 106k and a JDM B16a swap with a mugen stage-II ECU (PR3?). Lately it seems very sluggish during acceleration, it’s like the torque I used to feel at higher RPMS isn’t there anymore, and the low rpms are terrible. Compared to how it pulled when I first got it.

There is about 114k on the car right now. I searched and maybe a full tune-up would help :shrug:.

Any suggestions?

nobody wants to answer? there is no diff in accel from half throttle to full throttle.

Plugs, wires, and a testpipe unless you are somewhere with emmisions… then grab a high flow cat…

if that doesn’t solve it… come back-- bout 99% of these kind of posts are answered in those solutions… Maybe a fuel filter…

Time for a tune-up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, check valves.

thank you. all I needed was a confirmation of my diagnosis. I searched “these kinds of posts” and I did not find all the answers I was looking for.