smells like burned rubber

I was racing the other night and when i was done, i noticed that it smelled like burned rubber, when i got out of my Teg, i went to tha front tires and both of them smelled burned, now when i am actually scared to drive fast like i usually do because i can swear that it smells like smoke. The night i was racing my boy in tha backseat told me that he could see smoke comin out tha front, someone else told me to get wider tires. Does anyone know if this will work???


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are they aftermarket wheels or in contact with the fenderwell somehow? It could also be the smell of burnt clutch.

The Smell was coming from the tire area, and my boy said that he saw smoke outside of the car, the tires are aftermarket, but not the wheels, the wheels are stock. If it was tha clutch as you mentioned, would you smell it on the outside as opposed to the inside???

Also, will getting wider tires prevent this from happening next time??

I was thinkin of getting Nitto Tires just a little wider, but i was also recommended to get “Cobra”(have no clue what they are) tires…

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yeah you can burn your clutch, it does smell like burnt rubber but a little sharper. If you can smell your tires that bad you may not be getting a very good launch.

BTW. My friend had some nasty smell and it was coming from his brakes, so that could be a possability also.