Smoke coming from car

I have had my G2 for a little while now. The other night while driving I noticed SMOKE coming from the foot area of the passenger side of the car under the glove compartment. My climate control usually works but only on the highest setting however when i turned the heat on that night it was not working. When i discovered the smoke the CC gauge was on the highest setting but no heat was coming through the vents I wonder if it could be related. The smoke smelled electrical kind of like a wire burning. I have not driven the car since and did not have time to get it checked out so im not sure if this problem still exist or if the smoke only comes when the heat gauge is turned on.Does any one have any idea what could be going on.

Thanks for any help

There ls likley a problem with the heater fan switch or blower motor resistor. The resistor could be blown, this is prob. what happened if you saw smoke in that area. The fan speed not changing is the classic sign of a bad resistor. You need a meter to measure the resistance, the shop manual has more details on this procedure. I can send you the file if you need it.