smoking from the intake hose.....

i was told that i might have bad oil rings…but anyway i notice that oil is buring from the hose that connects fromt he motor to the intake…is this a quick fix or a all day Saturday project|?

hey if u can change out piston rings that quickly, you need to help me do mine

Hey Kevin, you would have to pull your motor out and rebuild the bottom half. More then just a saturday project. You could do it with the motor in the car but less space to work with. You might want to consider just getting another longblock, especialy if you are having a shop do it. It could easily cost $1000.

shop do it???NEVER! I am really thinking about upgrading my pistons and my man " the guy that drove in your car"
says the oil rings are shot but i wanted to get a second opinion.

it’s definitely your piston rings man. if u want, pull out the dipstick and u’ll see smoke come out too. another way is to do a compression test. do a first test at WOT, record it and then pour a cap full of oil into the cyl. and do another at WOT also, if the #'s went up, your rings are f***, if not it’s your valves but im sure it’s your rings cuz i have the same problem in the past… hope this help