Smoking like crazy, need help asap

Ok, I really need some help here guys. As some of you know I’m completing my at>mt swap. We just got done puttin oil in the tranny and started the car. Within 2 seconds there was smoke coming out of what looked to be the starter area. Just got done taking the starter out and everything is fine with it. Does anyone know what it could be? Maybe the clutch was too loose? Anything at all, I need this car running by tomorrow :(:(:frowning:

maybe there was alot of grease and oil on the fly wheel and clutch and it was burning off? :shrug:

i put my spriing that controls the release arm bearing incorrectly. to find out try to pull the lever where the clutch cable goes in the transmission. if you can pull it up w/o too much force or by sing ur fingers, then ur problem is a loose clutch. it sucks because i have to take my engine tranny apart after it was installed in the car. :shock:

Thanks guys, I think I was just burning oil off of the block/header, not exactly sure how it got so hot so fast, but either way I’m running strong now :slight_smile:

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