SO CAL FS 93 INTEGRA b18C swap! 3800 FIRM

up for sale is my RED beloved 93 acura integra LS. clean title.

EXTERIOR = its a 93 GS-R clone. gsr hatch with LED light on wing… gsr “VTEC” moldings … gsr gauge cluster with 8,000 rpm redline. and rare “GS-R” paint is bad. needs to be painted. faded roof. will come with JDM 1 piece headlights… a stock red hood and a vis carbon fiber hood. will come with 2000 integra GS-R blades with 75 percent falken ziex 912 tires in the front. and no name tires in the back.

SUSPENSION= tokico blu shocks with skunk2 adjustable coilovers. skunk2 camber kit! new lower ball joints and inner/ outer tie rods. just got the car alligned.

INTERIOR= the interior is not in the best shape. the drivers seat has a tear in it =/ carpet is a little dirty but its black so its not that noticable. comes with NRG quick release AND lock… has saved my car from getting stolen a few times… caugh someone red handed hamering the quick release lock with a hammer! then he ran away. lol will come with a SONY radio with a usb drive… great radio. still have control!

ENGINE. JDM B18C from hmotors online. has stamp on block and head! bottom end was rebuilt 2 years ago! running on USDM p72 ecu. real skunk2 intake manifold PRO SERIES… HASPORT engine mounts… AEM cold air intake. has stock gs-r headers but will come with dc 4-1 headers. ys1 B16 non lsd transmission built by GEAR HEAD transmissions… rebuilt 1 month ago! =/ has carbon coated 2-5 syncors… 1-4 short b16 gears. LS 5th gear for highway cruising,… let me honestly say about this transmission… NO GRINDS PERIODS… doesnt matter what RPM… this thing will not grind lol. no leaks either =) feel free to test it to see it has no grinds. (ofcourse only when showing me you have cash in hand for purchase) NEW exedy oem replacement clutch… new FIDANZA 7bls flywheel… this car moves. this car is also equiped with the factory stock exhaust… so this car is quite… no ricer fart cans.

luxurys= this car has FULLY FUNCTIONING AC!! COLD AC! converted to 134a from r12 last summer. powersteering works flawlessly as well. this is a true daily driver. summers around the corner and you can happily roll up the tinted windows and turn on the AC to full blast and feel the cold air hit your face all day =) also has keyless<a href=“” target="_blank"><img src=“” border=“0” alt=“Photobucket”></a> entry.

CONS= the car has a check engine light for “ELD” code 43. since the swap is from a DC2 integra it has an ELD… the DA integra chasis does not have an ELD… so its looking for something that is not their… thats why the check engine light it on =/ only way to bypass it is to get it tuned and have your tuner delete the code permanently. does not affect the cars drivability in any way. light is not on all the time… comes and goes after vehicle has been driven for a long period of time.

so in closing… this is my car… i have owned it since 2004. bought in in high school.8 years with this car… i am asking for 3,800 FIRM! i think its a fair price. i do not expect to get back all the money i put in it… and im not with 3800… i just think its a fair price considering the engine swap… the transmission rebuilt… and the COLD AC! lol please feel free to text/call to ask me any question. im serious about selling the car… i just hav other prioritys in life now… with my new family and my baby girl. william corona 310 462 five zero five four.

nice, glws

oh, snaps! u should wait and hold onto it another year for me, lol ill come down there and pick it up.

did you run 9.6 1/8th with the motorswap ? also are you willing to ship vehicle ?

yes 9.6 on my first try… went back and ran consistent 9.3s- 9.4s

Whats the purpose of the wires on the spark plug cover crown nuts?

i believe they are suppose to be ground wires.