So Cal Heads...Please Post ASAP

Im going on vacation to cali on the 28th and spending 2 weeks up that way. I wanted to know if there was any speed shops or places where i can buy parts for my g2 for good deals. Right now im looking mostly on engine parts to modify my stock b18a. I really dont know if prices are different there on the west coast but if they are i wanna take advantage of it…

By the way ill be staying in San Diego...

Here’s a list of the speed shops I know about here in San Diego. About pricing and what not, I have no idea. I usually buy my gear online or through EBAY.

Epic Motorsports
7559 Convoy Ct.,
San Diego, CA 92111

Pann Auto Performance
7960 Ronson Road,
San Diego, CA 92111

8270 Miramar Road
San Diego, CA 92126
Tel 858.693.3200
Fax 858.693.3449

Group 5 Motorsport
9210 Dowdy Dr. Ste. C, San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: 858-693-3278
FAX: 858-348-2001

Oh yeah, check out I don’t think they update it as much as before but it’s got a good list of San Diego shops too.

NO doubt, good looks… Is there wholesale dealers out that way? I was told bodykits run fairly cheap over there because of these dealers . But then again i was only told.

I don’t know where the body kits are. I CAN refer you to a few good body shops if you’re interested in putting on a body kit or getting your car painted. :smiley: