so cal meet???

any meets coming up in the so cal area preferably the 818???

nope. not that anyone is aware of…

not till july :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

1RONM4N, do you currently reside in Bishop, CA? My mother lives up there and I drive up there about once a month in my integra to visit her. Whats your teg look like?

its all white w/ thin moldings 1piece hl amber blinkers side markers 92-93 tl lowered circuit 8 rotas w/ red lugs i think theres 3 DAs in bishop one is hella ricey w/ the 4x4 look and the other is stock i work at sears you should hit me i have a skunk2 manifold for a b18a 4 sale!!!HOLLa

wait do you have a brother named dan d.???

Nah, I don’t have a brother named Dan.

The only DA I’ve seen in Bishop was a ricey looking one in the parking lot of Starbucks one night. Not sure if he was a local or not.

heres a pic

We should have one much earlyer then July…?:rockon: If not I’ll have one by myself… At Oceanside Beach - parking lot Pier area… With lots’ of Beer and more Beer - plus the girls will come over and check it out and maybe we can all chill with the police…:fingban:

Hahahaha, sounds good to me.

But we should try to have a meet at or near the beach, I just can’t really think of any places that could accommodate it. Bolsa Chica would be cool, except it’s a $10 entry free and it’s hard to keep other cars out of the parking lot.


But, I just want to drive the car somewhere this weekend.

Plus my bottle is full now, maybe a nice drive to Pala reservation area?

Who knows maybe even smoke a peace pipe with the locos over their…