So.cali:Suspension very hard

I recently installed new Eibach Sportline springs with tokico shocks about 2 1/5 months ago. Since i installed them ive noticed every time i go over like rail road tracks (i go slow when i do this, under 20mph) it feels like the shocks arent absorbing the pressure. Especially like on small little pot holes i can totally feel the impact, more so from the rear. What could be the problem???

were these brand new shocks?

how far are u lowered??? mine do the same thing but thats becasue im slammed. tokkico only reccomends there shocks if lowering no more then 1.75

ya they were new shocks, its lowered about 1.00 to about 1.15

you sure you put the right springs in the front and back?

as far as i know yea, i had one of my friends shop do it, a friend of mine told me to go have the shocks tested, i might as well check to see if the right springs are in right.