So many coilover options today, please help!

Ive been in DA integras for a while now… as of now im on my 5th. Back in the day, there wasnt much choices for suspension- If you wanted the best, you went with Ground controls on Koni Yellows. Then, in around 2002 Tein introduced the basics, then the SS’s, and they were all the rage. Now, it seems theres SO many coilover choices… Function and Form has them, Ksports got them, Skunk2 now has some, D2 has theirs, and I just saw today Tanabe with their Sustec Pro SOC, and pro soc type 2 coilovers. Now, I know theres tons more options if I switch my lower control arms out for 94+ integras, but Im looking at whats available for DA’s right now. So far, the skunk2 has the most appeal, mainly because of their price, (580 shipped) but they also have a good reputation. Now, as far as my goals, I put the ride first, and performance second, considering I drive my car to work alot more than I do on the track. Like most people, im looking for a good balance between the 2, without breaking the bank. I could get Koni Yellows with ground controls for about 720 shipped… thats the tride and true suspension setup, but I want to know what else is out there, and for possibly less. Should I go with the ksports for around that price, the D2’s, the Tanabes for 600 starting, or the skunk2’s for 580 shipped? Any input is appreciated.

No one?

i like my ractive coilovers.

IIRC I read the Ksports are very similar to the omnisports, both are mix-and-match kits from a taiwanese plant. tuning might be slightly different though.

i have no clue what mine are, all i know is they are tokico coilovers… they came with the car when i got it, but i think i need new springs for um… but theyre deece

I’ve got a set of Ksports w/ custom spring rates (13k front 11k rear). I like them a lot, but they are hella stiff when on full stiff and quite confortable when turned down. The shocks are revalved for the increased spring rate. They handle really well. The car doesn’t sway at all when i’m turning and goes wherever i point it to. Here are some pictures :smiley:

if you want to order a set, i can get them for a pretty good price. The shop i work at is an authorized distributor. Oh, and they come w/ the ITR lower collars too so you can get basically any LCA out there.

These are the ones i installed in my car

They’re basically the same thing as D2’s… just cheaper!

hey , how much for a set of those?