So this is my plan......

Ok, so I’ve been playing with ideas on what to do with my car. There’s so many options, I love it.

Basically I want my car to last like 10 years, and since there’s no-one that I know of that’s even driven an ls/vtec for 5 years, I originally counted out ls/vtec.

Then I started thinking engine swap. Seems to me the b20z owns the b16a, I don’t want to really argue about that in this thread, but from what I’ve read all the times, and real life experiences have the b20 spanking the b16.

The only reason I didn’t want to swap, was the fact that my engine is perfect. One owner for the first 12 years, he maintained it perfectly, got the valves adjusted every 12,000 miles, married man, it looks and runs like new.

Then the lightbulb came on, get ls/vtec, bag the sh1t outta that, and when the engine gets tired, swap in a b20 and go cr/vtec.
probably go with a b16 head

Couple questions, what kind of tranny should I get for the ls/vtec, I want one that would potentially go with the b20. I’ve heard gsr tranny’s are badass, but how hard are they to get a hold of? any good cheap, readily available alternatives?

and do I really have to change ecu’s? It’d be cool to keep the 7000 rev limit to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. I know it says so in the teg tips…

oh, and If I bought an AEM CAI, and Skunk2 IM, DC Sports 4-2-1 header, and crower 63402 cams + springs, would I be able to us all of that stuff on the b20 when I swap? What kind of mods to change the head from ls/vtec to crv/vtec.

as for ls vtec u will need
1 doch vtec ecu PR3 if you are non obd (p72,p61,0r chipped p28 ecuif u are obd1) there is ways to run vtec with the ls ecu but there kinda ghetto just get the vtec ecu
2you will need a b16,b17,b18c head and the head needs to be tapped for vtec oil line
3 you will need to run pin 4 wires to the ecu i believe and thats about it
about your other stuff , your intake ,header will work the skunk mainfold and your crower cams wont work , sell your stuff buy some itr cams and itr intake mainfold