socal:4/27/08 Santiago Park

here are some pics of todays meet,

wow, you’re fast! you guys didn’t go karting? Btw, let me know if you can send the seatbelt module! let me know how much!! today was fun. hopefully i’ll get to stay longer next time!!

that was a chilll meet guys every1 i met was cool as hell!!i had the white teg with thye carbon fiber hood oh yeah i dont see the pics

i dont see the pix either.i was there with the red teg with the green wheels in the back

Some pics from today’s meet…

Where The Picz @??? Wanna C My Gd Up Pic What Da Hell??? Lol Funny Pic!!!

loving the pics guys i waNNA see some more cant wait for the next meet hopefully we can actually have a bbq 2!! haha! jk!!

sorry my comp got messed up and i just fixed it :frowning:

sorry i forgot my shit for the bbq :frowning:

the teg in that last pic shoulda bought my cupholders. it would have been perfect if not for that!:giggle:

if yu look upclose it has cup holders…

we’ll start with the models

i got there kinda late…but it was a cool meet nonetheless.

[SIZE=“7”]The best pic, he still didnt blow a kiss ;)[/SIZE]

[QUOTE=da9leo;1862583]we’ll start with the models


damn, i missed out on another meet…i’ll try my best 2 be at the next 1…when is the next meet leo???

the next meet will probably be at the end of june, ima see if a taco truck can come by :rockon:

Wow a lot of people…i wish i went.

Summertime hopefully!

June sounds good. I’ll be out of school by then!

i know it does, but im saying that it would look better if it had MINE.

GOOD MEET and PICS!!! :smiley:
cant wait for the next meet… ill be there again hopefully my car doesnt look stock anymore.