SoCal: Auto to Hydro Conversion Kit & More: Some ship

Didn’t sell on ebay. I’m selling a auto to hydro tranny conversion kit.
It will come with the following items:

hush22 DA Auto to Hydro tranny conversion bracket.
Innovate Auto to Hydro Tranny mount
Hydraulic lines to connect master cylinder to slave cylinder.

What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will get. All items are in good condition and fully functional.
I did a write up with pictures on the forum. Here is the link:

SOLD to B18C_DA9!

More pics of install:

I also have (prefer local pickup):

*Neuspeed strut tower bar…Sold to Bonestock!

*B16/PR3 OBD0 Intake Manifold. Sacrificed to the scrap metal gods :frowning:

*Complete, ready to install, rebuilt Civic manual steering rack for DAs. Comes with metal bushings + quaife quick ratio steering! You will only need your outer tie rods to complete intall. (I’ll post pics later)
Sold to Bonestock! BTW, Good peeps…legit.

Here is a picture of the OBD0 B16/PR3 Intake Manifold:
No longer available…sacrificed to the scrap metal gods…

Here is a picture of the Neuspeed strut bar: CNT Racing is not the brand. The original Neuspeed decal peeled off and I used this decal to cover some paint chips: Sold to Bonestock!

I’ll take the front strut bar.

I sent you a text…

that looks like the new speed bar.

Anyone interested in the strut bar can calculate their own shipping:

Large box:
Weight: 8pds
Length: 44"
Height: 10"
Width: 13"
From: 92563

The strut bar is a “Neuspeed”. Very good bar for the EF/DA chassis. And nice package deal on the manual rack :up:

Thanks! I’ll be posting up pics of the manual rack soon.


Strut bar is still available and I lowered the price…$50+shipping: Paypal only. Locals with cash…my crazy work schedule doesn’t allow me to meet unless you are willing to travel to the 92563 area. Here is a not so good pic of when the strut bar was on my DA.

Can you sell the hush bracket by itself i dont need the mount.


[QUOTE=itaintegrals;2296258]Can you sell the hush bracket by itself i dont need the mount.


As of right now, I prefer to sell the complete kit. But if it just continues to sit in my garage then I would…

price shipped for bar to 33321

USPS standard post= $35

Consider the strut sold for $50. I am kinda close and will pick up. May pick up the steering rack also. Waiting for pics and am trying to determine which car it may go on.

Text me @ 951…

Here are some pics when the steering rack was in my DA.

It will come with these bushings…

Rack was completely rebuilt including new boots.

Quaife quick ratio steering rack was added. This alone new goes for more than my asking price of $250

Strut bar and steering rack are pending sale to bonestock…

See you on Tuesday :burnout:

can i get the auto to hydro kit