Socal: Fs: Parting out my 1992 GSR! HKS, One pieces, Ksport, NARDI, RIMS! GOOD PARTS!


I’ll take that nardi steering wheel off your hands in a heartbeat, would you be willing to do 130 shipped to 29681? and may I ask why your selling such a clean teg :slight_smile:

Dibs on the personal wheel. how much shipped to 98028 will you take $150?


how much for shipping to 98028 WA? And is the hub included? Also does the personal wheel fit onto the hkb hub? and does the personal ef hub fit onto DA’s? Thanks.

ill ship for 20 more…yes both hubs will fit

How much for the nardi wheel shipped to 19401? Doesn’t matter what hub as long as it works

add 20 for shipping!..

I’ll give you $160 shipped for the personal wheel and hkb hub. Let me know I can send payment asap. Thanks!

Are you waiting for a response from the first poster still?

why you letting this clean db2 go?
if i may ask?

are you selling the shell?

serious people text me…im selling the car stock for 5500 obo

First come first serve

Do you have paypal?

i actually dnt bro…

I’ll give you a call

man i want those headlights but are out of my budget.

ssr schumachers added

selling the lip? and whats the best u can do on the ksports shipped to 06053