SOCAL: Jdm Type-r/gsr Engine To Pass Ca Smog

Im planning to buy jdm type r or gsr engine… I called gmotorsport in long beach & they told me that i can pass the CA smog if i change the intake & exhaust manifold to USDM… is that true? Please help & share your input…thanks

of wut i heard…you cant pass smog with a jdm motor…(not the anwer…jus wut ive heard)

My uncle Ben Franklin solves that problem for me.

you can get it smogged and bar’d here in cali…

A JDM motor will not pass smog here in California because of the EGR issue. Long story short, I’m speaking from experience with my cousin’s All-Trac.

Unlike your cousin’s AllTrac, the manual tranny cars don’t even have an EGR valve.

The EGR valve for the automatic cars is located on the intake manifold.

The best advice is to call and talk to your local BAR Ref. and ask his advice.

Archon: Sorry to pester you on a totally different thread. I am just wondering if you have sold your Koni’s yet, I tried replying to your FS thread and got no response, and your e-mail address isn’t listed. If you still have them for sale, e-mail me.



I’m holding onto the Konis until I get my new setup revalved.

Thanks for the reply. Whenever you are looking to sell, let me know and I will take them.

Thanks again,

well yes to smog all you would need to do is switch the intake and exhaust manifolds to usdm or smog legal performance ones like a dc header and a skunk2 intake manifold just for an example. many people i know have smoged jdm b16’s and i will soon ref mine. like archon said call up your local bar ref and ask questions.

thank you for all the input…