SoCal Meet?

Do we do any social meets? Lake Elsinor or lake arrowhead would be cool. Someone get something going.

I would be really interested in a SoCal meet. I been wanting to go to one for years

So Cal meets

Idea love to have a meet anywhere in socal

man, you guys would have loved it back in the day, we had socal meets every 3 months. I’m sure carlos aka illestda has meets every once in a while. hit him up to plan another one.

Those were the days

When is the next South Cal meet?

Just take some initiative and get one going. I’ll help you as much as I can by posting it to Facebook etc.

I remember the days. My 91 Integra GS, the many meets, several people getting together at parks or lots. Good times for sure.

Bringing this back alive. Any OG’s still around?


Hey Robert, still rolling in the db1? The original DV closed awhile ago. I hear there are better Cafe places than DV, but they all seem smokey if you hang inside.

:violin:Anyone in hacienda Heights area to meet up?

Someone scoop this up!