socal:oem gs radio 92 model, front strut bar abs

looking for these item for a while need a radio gs model that work please and also a strut bar that fits the abs system let me know what u guy got thanks paypal ready

I should still have a stock cd player with code from a 99 teg let me know

member ‘‘muayteg’’ has a vision front strut bar for sale.type his name you should find it.good seller i bought from him before

Darussianone: thank but I’m looking for the 92 gs or gsr model radio

Captain: thanks I did see his thread and like the strut bar ima send him an email right

Also looking for db1 rear gather speaker if anyone know let me know thanks

Did you want the strut bar?

yes i do u have any pic. of it

Use a 92-93 accord. Works too and looks exactly the same. Just that it says Honda instead of Acura. I’m using a 92 accord on my 92 gs…thumbs up

Here you go. There are 2 small scratches where my hood closed on it, otherwise it is perfect. If you give me your zipcode, I can get you a shipping quote tomorrow. Whats your email address?


i have a bone stock radio in my db2 with code card from the dealer.

Thanks but I have the Honda radio right now and wanted the Acura because I have a factory equalizer Acura that I wanna use and muayteg here my email add. my zip is 90302 email how much for the shipping and zman can u send me some pic of the radio to to my email thanks

$7.80 shipped to 90302.

Strut bar found still looking for OEM gs/gsr radio