Socal:San Diego: FS b17a1 Intake manifold Will ship

Hello G2ic

I have a b17a1 intake manifold up for sale also will come with a new throttle body gasket. feel free to hit me up 619 761-4132 please text (no phone calls). Just asking what I paid for it which is 130.00 shipped

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do you know if theres a difference between the gsr and other trim level OBD1 manifolds? i have a b17a1 thinkin i have the wrong manifold as horrible as that sounds, and would be interested in acquiring the right one

to be honest man all I know is that the b17a1 intake is the same as the the b16’s intake. But I think and I’m not sure on this but the other trim level intakes have slightly bigger runners, and a bigger plume. Once again I’m not sure but someone will chime in with help.

Not sure what the internal differences are, but a true B-17 manifold will be stamped P61 on the back right hand side(when looking at the engine from the front) at the top facing the firewall. Will be hard to see but you can probably feel it, and a with a bit of clay or something you can probably make a mold to leave the P61 impression in. Hope that helps.