Socal: stolen DB1

news! Update!

Montebello found my car. So far they said the only thing missing was the steering wheel and stereo.

Roof rack is on there.

But yea i dunno what else.

I’m trying to find a way to go there now.

$149 to pull it out from the yard. So we’ll c.

my car just got stolen. i just woke up and its not in front of the house. i’m waiting for it to pop up.

if anybody sees my db1 LEMME KNOW!!! or call it in.

my cell is 714-323-2371

OMG!!! this sucks man, I hope it gets found asap.


[size=“7”]fcuk thieves!!![/size]

same dude. thanks man. yea i just finished with the police report.

List some of the unique parts you had so we can monitor craigslist or ebay.

Ughh…:wtf::rant::argh: I was hoping this wasn’t your thread. I hope you find it man

  • thule rack 409 kit (bought from rex)
  • b20b… i was gonna write the serial number this friday when i cleaned it up, but its a prototype motor, so its 200000069 or something, i don’t remember on the last 2 digits exactly but yeah.
  • ls mesh wheels
  • greddy 4-2-1 in extremely good shape
  • db1 visors
  • momo competition wheel.
  • neuspeed front upper strut bar.



thx travis. i was looking for that pic.

Don’t forget the nose bra and mugen-ish bumper cover.

i left the bra off. and regarding the bumper i’d assume the a$$hole that stole it doesn’t know how to drive and probably trashed it.

:sad: i drove around just to look in some industrial areas n stuff, but no luck

man sucks to hear, i really liked your db1 i hope you get it back in decent shape

me too. thx tho.

damn jeff this sucks man eff those thieves who got it well im over here in irvine and i drive all over oc so i will keep my eyes peeled

thx a lot man.

damn…ill keep an eye out over here…

thx stan

Good luck in finding it in one piece. Also this is why I’m glad I now have a daily driver my heart would break if I found my car missing.