some edelbrock intake/tb questions

hi guys, i just got a performer x throttle body and intake installed on my 91 with a b18a. i bought a map sensor for a gsr and i need to cut the loom to the oe map sensor to get the connector to stretch along the firewall to the top of the tb. (this is what the edelbrock tech told me over the phone). im looking at it and i dont see how they will stretch that far. has anyone done this and if i do end up having to splice extensions in what is the best way to go about doing this? also, when i get my turbo/internals in later wont i want to switch to a different map sensor anyways with my wideband? sorry if these are stupid questions im slowly learning but finally getting a garage and im planning on doing most of the work on my own. thanks for any tips in advance. -garrett


pics would help,very confusing

sorry didnt have my camera with me earlier. the map sensor i got is from a gsr as instructed by edelbrock. it mounts on the tb. the original map sensor is on the right side along the firewall in the picture and im supposed to cut the wire loom and there should be enough wire to stretch the connector to the new map sensor. looking at the length of wire i dont see it happening. i didnt have time to mess with it today was just wondering what you guys think. and if i have to splice the wire, what guage and connectors should i use? thanks

let me try to help you out as much as i can. you have to actually extend the wires for the map if you want to use a tb mounted map. i would keep the oem one, they read the same. when you go turbo you would generally run a 3 bar map which would mount on the firewall. i would really unplug your intake arm and run it back into your valve cover like it is stock, you can do this without the stock metal line by running a vacuum line coupler from the intake arm to a rubber line then run the rubber line right into the vc. i actually just left the 2 3/16" tubes coming from the intake arm just empty with nothing plugging them and havent had any problems.
you can actually clean up the install a bit by removing the metal lines sitting on the im. just run the fpr right to the manifold, run the map right to the manifold, then remove the purge solenoids(round things next to the map).

hey thanks for the reply. ill have to start doing some cleaning up and i think i might just use the gsr map sensor since i cant return it now. so i can get by without the ugly metal lines on top of the mani for that? ill have to get some vaccuum hoses from work (napa). the car was rigged in every way but im slowly starting to make progress on it. cant really go wrong with $600 tho for the car. i think ill have to do some more cleaning up and tucking when the motor comes out for the turbo build (rods, rings, pistons etc.). also if anyone else has pics of a b18 with edelbrock intake/tb could you upload pics? im interested in seeing a couple things :slight_smile:

if you are going turbo its not even worth using the gsr map. as soon as you start boosting you will want to ditch it for a 3 bar. i would drop a 1/8"npt allen plug in the map hole and be done with it. sell it for a couple $$$.

cool will do. getting a garage finally in a couple weeks so i can do some work without freezing my balls off in mn.