some help and pics needed for auto-manual..

hey guys, i need the pics that are for the auto-manual conversion. if anyone has it, or any… please help me.
i need pics of the
-shimmed AT mount
-some pics of the hole drilled out for the clutch cable in the firewall (is it okay if it’s larger then 1 3/4 inch? or does it have to be exact 1 3/4 inch?)
-pics of the paper clip used to bypass the shiftlock switch. or cut and direct-connect’ed wires… (i’d rather do the cut and direct-connect wires, if you guys can, get me a picture of that)
-the picture of the reverse light wiring
-and anything else you guys think i might need help with…
btw - im asking for these pics because other threads about the conversion with the pictures on there are no longer there anymore.
thanks in advanced…