Some help choosing JL amplifiers

So i recently had a premonition and decided, since im spending so much restoring the car already i might as well get myself some high-quality audio products. I settled on grabbing everything besides the deck (thinking bout Clarion 7" double din touchscreen + iPod interface) from JL AUDIO. Probably going with the 12W7 and either the Evolution C5 or ZR 6.5" component sets.

I just need some help choosing an amplifier or amplifiers for the job. I dont really need huge booming bass, i can deal with it but i dont particularly like it…I really like their HD series amps, thinking about the HD750/1 for the sub, and the HD600/4 for the components, also looking at the G-series amps…

What kind of battery power will i need? Ill be using an Alterstart upgraded alternator, and i very rarely have anything on without the car running. I have an Odyssey PC680 i was going to use before i decided to upgrade the sound system. Ive been told it will be okay if i dont play it with the car off.

Also looking at other companies…Alpine, Kenwood etc. so any other suggestions are welcome.I like the Alpine Type-R 12" alot, so thats always an option.

You can’t go wrong with the JL Audio product you have picked although I prefer the JL slash series amps because they are a little more flexible and you don’t need a 4x150W amp to drive 75W speakers, [C5].

Your rear speakers should be mid-range/mid-bass drives, -I would use just the drivers of the C5 set for the rear, wire them in series and connect to the bridged rear channels of the 300/4 using the amps x-over set to LP at between 2000Hz and 5000Hz for a mono rear fill.

If you want more punch go with the ZR components and use the 450/4.

Definitely can’t go wrong with the 12W7 but with the 1000/1 amp, in a properly constructed sealed box it is clean and accurate, not “boomy” at all, “huge” yes, if you turn it up it will be loud.

As for HUs, I am no fan of Clarion, I would go with an Alpine.

All the above assumes proper installation of all components of the system with extra care and attention to speaker install and sub box construction, it is what will make or break the system. 94

I would not use the w7 and spend the extra money on the zr series components. The alpine type r do very well and are pretty cheap.

I have not used the HD stuff but the slash series is good. Just to expensive these days. You also might look at Alpine PDX, very small, powerfull and competitvly price

A pc680 and a stereos do not mix. If you put in what you are looking at, you won’t get 5 minutes before you can’t start the car. You need larger battery.

I have been a long time Clarion supporter but the last few years have had not so great stuff. I like the Kenwood and the Alpine dd. The Kenwood more so if you want nav or bluetooth.

jl amps i heard are coming out wih 5 channel

they are a digital amp with crazy microcircuitry they are going to be one badass amp once give listen to them they generate minimal heat if go jlonline and research they are tops for an awesome sounding install u are doing i just finished an install with those same amps you spoke about the 750 and 600 with zrs in landrover defender and used 10w3 (2)interiors sounded awesome subs were facing straight into the air so base was not what i expected but did expect since the bass neede to bounce off of something any way my personal preference are w6’s not w7’s they are too power hungry if uwant loud base use a box that is specifically to the sound u want (deep,loud,tight,booming) a good box design and also dont forget sound deadening ur install use dyamat or something the speakers u choose will definitely sound better im a JL dealer and i cant wait for 5 channel to come out check specs at this link

Yea i realize the PC680 isnt great for a system, which makes me want to go a bit more mild.Not sure what ill do yet. I dont sit with the car off and play music though.