some minor problem with 92 ls

ok guys i dont know whole alot about enigines and things like that, but i know most maintaince things and some mechanic about hondas

here is the minor problems, i just like my car to run as new as i can get it to, dont like to half ass reliablity part of car, but i admit i do roll on paint job and such but not like something affect car drivablity

1: it make 'super chager" sound, i think it is the belt too tight, the belt runs the p/s looks pretty new, maybe last owner tight it TOO much, how can i adjust that?
— side note, it only make sound when i step on gas a little bit, sounds cool but i dont want no belt broken while driving lol

2: my A/C was ICE COLDDDD i mean COLD in 90 degree weather, after 1 month buyin it, the a/c dont blow cold anymore, no hot air but just not cold at all… does it need recharge or is it leaking? and i only found a L line to refill freon, is it r134 or its older kinda of freon?

3: i think im decent 5 speed driver, but seems like the motor mount is kinda crack up, it has 160k miles and totally stock, when ever i shift it kinda bounce a bit, just kinda make me mad, lol but it dont really do it much once over 4k but i dont ever take it up there really… dont like to torcher my car, love it!

4: im doing body work on it, u know where the 1/4 panel connect to the plasit thing on the rear bumper it is totally like rusted off, so the white plastic square peice cant fit anywhere, i dont konw how to weld so, maybe a peice of metal and jb weld would do tha trick or just try to get a screw and drill in in the 1/4 panel with the bumper?

5:i change the plug and one of the plug wire is little bit ripped, i have electric tape on it now, but would it be nessary if i get new ones??? and wats the cost, im gonna but a new fuel filter just because the one on it look old i guess its oem with 160k miles(would that help with save gas)

i mainly use car as dd, not into those racing seen anymore, im pretty happy with my dohc non-vtec motor for dd, its nice, just couple things to make it perfect. im getting around 23-24 in city with normal under 2.5 to 3k shift, and i dont blast my ac becasue it is not cold anymore. this might not be acurate because i only fill about 1/2 tank and go to e where i fill it up at and do that math. i know the E is consider about like 3 gallons… lol depends where u go…

thanks for help or any sugestion thanks guys :rockon:

p.s i do alot online research and read through threads alot on my free time its my hobby to learn more about hondas, but sometimes a advice can be 100% better than reading 100 pages, just to make sure i dont waste money on something i dont need.

Only 23-24 mpg and you drive like that?
That doesn’t seem too good.
I can hit the rev limiter a few times a tank and still push high 20s.
I have i/h/e, though.

Edit: Also, it use r12 freon, but you can pick up a conversion kit for r-134.

ya does i/h/e help with gas mileage? i have a cold intake with a nice autozone filter right now, and everything stock, i think the fuel filter is too old, and where is the pvc valve at? i think that might cost some mpg

can i charger r12 or i need to take it to store? how much is the conversion kit?

first off check all your fluids. then check all three belts. next put a looong screwdriver on each of the pulleys to see which one is making noise. Replace whichever one is making noise.

I would definitely change to r134 because for one its cheaper. Secondly, it’s much better for the earth(we all have to do our part) and it’s more readily available.

Our mounts are fairly prone to breaking. So have someone power brake the car and get a flashlight and look at each mount to see which one has cracks in it while it’s moving and replace the mount(s).

Change your plug wires. Go to vans or somewhere else and get some ngk wires. The wires have a life span of about 7 years so replace them.

As far as body work goes i haven’t a clue I would have to see pics to know what you’re talking about