Some teg problems

I have problems…

I hear a funny sound when I crank my car up, like two small stones grinding together. It seems to stick around untill my oil gets circulated.

I lose oil.

I have a hesitation off and on all through the RPM range. I took my cap off and cleaned the contacts and it didn’t help. plugs have been changed, fuel filter too, and o2 sensor and pcv valve.

My clutch pedal is starting to engage farther out and I think I need new fluid. I let my GF drive the other day and she is scared of hills and doesn’t want to look foolish infront of her friends house and she revs it to 5.5k-6k and slowly lets off the clutch GRRRR took like 10 feet to start gaining speed. I was like WTF ARE YOU DOING, I would rather her just let off the clutch fast adn spin the tires.

I don’t know about the oil problem, I don’t leak oil at all in my driveway, but the pan is wet and there is something that hangs down behind the pan that is wet too I guess it is dripping off the oil pan at speed and hitting other parts under the car. I lose about a quart every 3 weeks or maybe even MORE often. I do have a light colored smoke around WOT.

Noise at start up – I have a similar problem I think… but like you say – as soon as the oil circulates it seems to go away…

As for the oil loss – have you checked to see if your spark plugs are oily? Could need piston rings. And if it looks like it’s leaking around your oil pan, maybe it’d be worthwhile to change the gasket.

How bad is the hesitation? Mine seems like it’s doing that sometimes too, if I’m not pushing it too hard, but accelerating moderately fast… If I floor it, there’s no hesitation. :slight_smile:

And the clutch can be easily adjusted unless it’s too far gone…
The most basic adjustment is to turn the nut at the end of the clutch cable on the clutch housing.

Yeah it hesitates at moderate or slow acceloration, sometimes if I put it in second while i’m going like 10 and hit the gas I can feel it real bad when it gets to around 3k, as if i’m losing 15-20hp then I get it back. then maybe at 3.5k it goes away a little less and comes back.

my plugs are fine.

Bad O2 sensor or wet spark plugs(check those 4 ring gaskets under the valve cover).