some wheels on craigslist

i dont think i like 17 inch and i dont plan on lowering my black integra.
just wanted to run this by the people here…

“17 inch Enkei Rims. They are scratched and scoffed, Kumho tires”
they are listed as 5 lug, but i count 4.

cant tell how scuffed they are but it cant be any worse than rolling on dirty steelies /w shitty rubber.

i like the looks of these a bit better but i cant afford 200 for rims and then buy tires.

17’s are too big… well unless your slammed then it will look alright… pass for me thanks.

I’ll take steelies over either of those wheels any day of the week…

you both are probably right.
like i said, i think 17’s are too big anywya.

i will probably stick to my plan and order a set of oem hubcaps (i had another hubcap thread somewhere last week or so)

17s are too big??? my 18s look at home. EDIT completely stock suspension and no it doesnt look like a 4x4. 17s are too damn small lol

you’re right, it doesn’t look like a 4x4, it looks like a prerunner instead lol just kidding, it’s all a matter of preference, some people like the bigwheel look, some like the more subtle look, I personally prefer 16s or smaller, stick with the steelies and keep searchin imho.

Jamaican, your car is 4x4 STATUS

18’s are way too big - they look ridiculous on a teg… I have 16’s and think they look huge…

And is your A upside down? I don’t want to concern you sir but uh… you might want to correct that.

thats the gangster way to put it.:umno:

Same here!

15’s + slammed + 40~ series tire = <3

haha wat i think 18s look perfect on these cars. i would never go higher or lower than 18s. ive seen retards with 20s on civics… wat u say to that?

and i bought the car with the Acura emblem turned that way its one of the many things i still have to fix.

And enough with the gangster shit… im a humble college kid who wears glasses. definately NOT GANGSTA

I’m on 17’s. At times I think they look too big and at times I think it’s just right. Considered downsizing to 16’s but then I always change my mind. I kinda like the slammed look of tegs with 16’s or even 15’s on them.

Shit i have 14’s. But i have a set of 15’s to

In much the same way a giant loaf of human feces looks at home on fine china with some fava beans and a nice chianti…

take it easy armed rodent…