someone fukd my car up lastnight

So I wake up this morning to go to the store…I get outside got two holes in my windshield and they stuck a pipe in my hks and bent it in half…WTF… so if anyone in ny has a windshield help a fellow g2 member out please

that sucks got pic of the damage? sorry to hear man

:gunleft:Haters!:gunright: Any idea who might have done it? Sorry to hear that.

wow way to start off ur sunday!. that suxxxxxx good luck finding parts hope u find the poeple who did it too. hook up some pics

:wtf:F$%^ing lame.
You don’t mess with another mans ride. You just don’t.
Good luck with the repairs.

yeah well I cooled off and its not that bad…I just gotta cut the bent piece out replace it an the windshield

still fucking weak, any idea who might have done it?

Yeah my gfs ex but I’m in a. Situation where I can’t file a complaint

WHAT, why not?

I think u guys should be able to check it out there just go to mobile album

Who needs the complaint… just go over there and beat his ass.

Messing with someone’s ride? Shits weaksauce!

go over and beat that pussys ass…dukes a straight punk messing with the car while no ones around…

just means the dudes scared shitlless of you if he dont got the balls to approach you, he gotta take it out on the whip, no respect for pussy ass bitches:gunleft::gunright:

Wow not cool. You really should beat his ass

Nah don’t get me wrong ill get him…but I just violated on probie so I gotta chill for a while

thats very wise man and I commend you for it. even though reveng always sounds like the best option, two wrongs deffinatly dont make a right. do shit the right way. contact the athorities and let them handle it.

on a side not, I realy hate saying that. Personaly I would love to hear word that this guy and your ex got there face busted in with the same bat they used on your car:werd:

go on the “strictly platonic” section in the personal ads on craigslist, and post an ad stating that someone fcked with ur ride and u’re looking for people to help you fck them up!!! i’m just playin’, but that’s some messed up sh*t though…looks like they bent ur exhaust with a bat ur some sort of pipe(stucked it into the outlet & yanked at it left to right) sorry to hear 'bout that!!!

my last car was a Jaguar X-type that i got for a steal after someone had run it into a ditch and wrecked all the bumpers and some suspension stuff.
i started doing some VIP style mods to it, save up some cash and THE DAY i get it back after dropping like 6k on aero parts and paint, wheels and tires, suspension, custom exhaust etc; it gets stolen, joyridden, vandalized and then a few days later dropped off in front of my job really early in the AM before anyone was there.
i got to work with my boss who was giving me rides… i thought i was going to strangle him just for being in the same area as me.

i knew who it was, i let karma do her job. kids ended up getting shot trying to steal a detectives personal car and then attacking the detective.

lulz im glad i drive a mostly stock car now, no one even thinks twice about it ahah

damn bro I feel You I’ve gotten brand new quads stolen before…thAnk god I’m only looking at 200 to fix the worse thing is knowing my exhaust has to be cut and fixed but atleast itS fixable

In Lagrange, NY???
I would have never guessed it…