Someone please help, it's broken

:frowning: :sad: :sad: Well i changed my brakes on Saturday and the brakes weren’t working, so i checked the site and found out the problem was lack of bleeding the brakes. Well i was downstairs right now forllowing the procedures right here on the site, I opened the valve, pumped the pedal, then sealed the valve, thing is that as i was tighening the valve, IT BROKE:( , IN HALF, someone, anyone know where i can get that screw? I need it asap, I hate not driving my car:sad:

you can get the stock bleeder screws at pretty much any parts store (kragen, pep boys, autozone, etc)

The problem is that it broke off. Is the other 1/2 still stuck in the caliper? If so you need to get it out without damaging the caliper and without getting metal shavings into the caliper. I would be very careful and maybe even take off the caliper so you can work on it easier.

I also suggest getting speed bleeders instead of the stock bleeder screw.