Somes DA pics from Chino IE(Cali-Luv) Meet!

Meet every Friday night! LINK:


Bump for some really NICE looking tegs!!!:rockon:

whats up Chris. Its me, Trajano.

:bow: :bow: :bow:
those are some pretty nice ass tegs…
im feeling the white without carbon fiber hood

Wassup Trajano!!! I’ll call you… There is a cruise this Saturday!!! Yay!!!

Sweet tegz!! Do you guyz do these local meets often??

holy crap those are beauties! i love the teg with the blue lip’d wheels. its inspirational.

nice cars…dunno about those hooks hangin off the back tho

Thats alot of um…stickers.

Clean Teggy’s dam I got to get my ass out there!!!

clean tegs

hey!.. Someone text me when u go again. =]



Every Friday theirs cars at this meet. Just go around 9:00-9:30!!!:auto:

Hope it is a hit next time I roll out there. My ride is not as clean as the ones above but it is not a reck either. All I got is hope for the next meet to see more.:slight_smile:

sweet rides:)

Dang whats the offset on the white gizzer…Dang nice DA’s repin it HARD!!!haha

at least all those side mount license plates aren’t up here in the bay, so I’ll be kinda not so looking like everyone else when I get mine.

The white one with the Black and Blue rims!j!#!@#!#$!@! :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

the Bronze ls’s lookin’ hella clean

how did you paint’em so clean :stare: :sipread: e-mail me at that shit looks hella clean. props to that paint job :rockon: :rockon: what did you use for the lip not to get sprayed on??