Something is amiss with my clutch?

is it my clutch or clutch cable

Ive searched and searched and it hasnt helped

about a week ago i was driving down the road downshifted and i couldnt get it back in gear pushed the clutch pedal in and nothing happened.

got it home and tightened the clutch cable and it helped a lil bit about 100 miles then it happened again

my car has been grinding real bad into 3rd and 4th gear and didnt let me into 5th gear for those 100 miles once i tightened the cable til it happened again.

Now mu question is it time for a new clutch or is it the clutch cable???

and how much does each job cost

thank u everyone i searched and it rain me in cirlces

Most probably your clutch. you only need to post once and this is in the :wrong:

I moved your thread to the correct forum and locked the other two that you started (for a total of three in the same forum!). I’ll be the first to warn you that if Neil saw a title like you had, he would’ve deleted it immediately. I suggest you check out the FAQ before posting again. :slight_smile:

Enjoy G2IC. :slight_smile: