sometime it wont crank and most of the time it will

Im having a issue with my integra sometime it wont crank i thought it was main relay. and i have resoldered main relay laying in my trunk right now i tried it didnt work either. i ve tested the starter with wire to battery, it cranks but wont start. (cuz i had key in my pocket lol) and tested the starter signal wire with test light it glows a little but not full bright. and i ve noticed when i have dome and map light heater and headlights all on for at least 5 min it wont crank at all so i turned them off and waited for few min it will crank just fine there must be short in ignition somewhere i dont know how to catch that that gremlins batterys good starters good alternator are also good been having that issue with it since june or july the battery came out of my old mazda i was driving back in 2010 battery is still good i know it i promise :smiley:

it does have alarm system jack rigged i guess and it used to be automatic previous owner converrted it to 5 speed as well he might fukked up the bypass netural switch or something the car has been hacked alot wires for ecu looks horribly terrible too lol i dont want start looking through wires i might make it worse

Thank u guys i appericate for your help

also tested with a meter it shows no more than .05 is it supposed to be 12v or something?

u tested ur battery and it said .05? was ur meter on the rite setting?

idk lol it was @ dcv 20*

i’m not positive but i think ur using the wrong setting and possibly have the leads plugged into the wrong things on the meter as well

starter relay by the heater ?

so u think its the problem the relay is bad? i think it could be the wires though

it could always be a wiring issue . my integra would sometime start and sometimes not. i could always jump the started under the hood (car in neutral). turned out to be the starter relay. that link is a replacement for it. there is a forum thread on it somewhere.