Sound coming from left wheel well...

Ok, I got my clutch installed today and on the freeway I noticed this kind of ticking, repetitive sound that varies directly with the speed of the wheels. When I slow down, you can faintly hear it slow down in repetitions. The car still drives straight as an arrow, so it isn’t the alignment. It doesn’t shake or vibrate. My dad seems to think it might be one of those rubber boots on the axle rubbing together. Anyone know what it might be? Is it something I should worry about?

probably a cv joint…check your axle

Mhhhh… can you specify the sound…? :crazy:

Sorry…my english is bad…i’m quebecois !!! :confused:

Mc Extra with a very 90’ls bomb !..

Originally posted by SweetChin
probably a cv joint…check your axle

Nah, it isn’t a clicking sound when I turn. It’s very faint, I only happened to hear it on the freeway. Kind of like the sound a playing card in bike spokes makes.

you might have simply a sizable metal object stuck in the tire… turn the wheel all the way left and pull up slowly and have your dad look for anything stuck in the tire.

we heard a similiar sound like that on my gf’s civic. found it was a big ass screw stuck in the tire. chances are you have the same problem.