Sound System Raplacing Back Seats

Hey, currently dying my back seats from tan to black, its comming out alright right now but not sure if its gonna crack or wear when people sit on them for a while, but as a backup plan i was thinking of putting my subs in a custom enclosure in place of my backseats. has this ever been done? any pics? i was also thinking it might now sound that good since its right behind you, any suggestions? :hmm: thanx!

Tim (ntegra8d) is working on something like this, I think I have seen it in other cars too. So long as your boxes are buiilt to match your subs, sound shouldn’t be a problem. hard to hide though if theft is a problem.

theft is no problem, ill screw that sh!t down with so many bolts, my car will be 20 pounds heavier. plus i have a good alarm system. :gunright: how can i contact him? would love to see some pics of it, or some suggestions or something.

done dying seats, came out NICE, only thing is it started to crack a LITTLE bit and shows the tan cracks, but looks nice for now, hopefully doesnt get worse, but i still want to look into replacing the backseats with subs/amp…

His card has a web address that doesn’t work on it, so try calling at 443-871-3748.