Soundstream Piccasso Competition Amp

i have a picasso amp, made my soundstream, that is up for grabs. i know it is was part of their competition series. i got it off a guy who had a $13,000 sound system who would do sound comps and so on. it is about a foot and a half in lenght great condition, i never got to use it, because i spent my cash on speed. anyway im in LA area, and looking to get $275 plus shipping for it. shipping shouldnt be that much for it around $10-$12

ive tried posting in the thigns for sale with no luck, so i brought the ad over to this forum.

email me directly at for any question or if you want to purchase it. i dont own a cemra but ill try and see if i can get a pic of it, if you email me, thanks


Anyway, which model Picasso is this? If it’s a four channel, I may be interested.

i dont know, but i already had established that it was the wrong forum, but thanks for pointing it out again.

anyway, it looks like a 4 channel, im not familiar with sound. the friend i got it from , after getting a job at good guys, began to be sponsered by the “good guys” to do competitions and so on.

he gave me part of his system, as a bday gift last year and this amp being part of it.

the other amp which was a smaller sounstream was sold, along with speakers, i think were boston acoustics 5.0 series, i dunno, some **** like that.

i wanted to keep this amp, but im in a tight squeeze and am gonna have to let it go, but that doesnt mean im letting to for cheap, this is the cheapest ill do. $275 plus shipping if nedded to be shipped.

email me directly

:up: Still up for grabs!! had 2 non shows already.

and it has been confirmed that it is a 4 channel amp