South Bay Highway 9 cruise.*June 28th*

““This is a post from a friend of mine on another site. your welcome to join in on the fun…I will update post as if i was the O.P. “”””""
Alright I’m going to be hosting a fun little cruise to highway 9 through skyline going towards half moon bay. We can stop at a couple of vista points to just take a deep breathe and enjoy the amazing view! Im planning on having 15 cars max so it would be great to see whos interested! We will be meeting in saratoga, details to be announced when the date gets closer to the cruise date. If this sounds like a good plan on sunday post up! Saratoga is in between los gatos and cupertino. i just came back from a cruise with a couple of new friends and it was an epic drive so id love to see more come out to enjoy the drive!

id just like to clarify that this is a cruise and NOT a race, safety first!

update* Time announced
we will be meeting at 10:00-10:30AM and rolling out from there. Route will take us from highway 9 up to skyline and right onto skyline. from there we will stop at a couple vista points and we can decide if we want to drive all the way down to half moon bay for a little beach and chowder. :slight_smile:

Ill see whats up. Need gas and cash 1st

we will be meeting in front of mitsuwa market
675 Saratoga Ave San Jose, CA 95129

          *10-10:30am(roll out time)

its right next to 280 for those of you coming down from that freeway.

Im down just gota do my mounts and suspension

that would be cool if you could make it out… do you have the parts? i can help you out in you need…

thnx man I need 4 mounts for my car and if you any one selling some lowering springs for cheap let me no i just need something for now until i get more money were i can afford something better you feel me.

Event update>>!!!

“”“im really sorry everyone… but this meet is canceled. i just got into a car accident today and i need time to figure things out. “”” Quote from my friend who was hosting the cruise.

                If there's still an intrest for a cruise I will host.  Eather Hwy 9 or we can run the "East bay hills cruise" route in reverse?  Maybe even run the same route as last time for those who couldn't make it out to the last cruise.. lets me know guys what you want?  

I’m going to be driving in the hills sunday who ever else whats to roll?

sorry to hear man…u crashed ur blue DA ninja? :shock: what happend?

yea what happened

hey guys my car is ok… it was a friend of mine whos car got crashed.he was the guy putting on the meet.

so if you guys want to drive let me know???

no one wants to roll this weekend?

san jose(it an hour from my to san jose) to far then a drive cant do it plus it going to be like 104 degrees this weekend love my car to much to put her thru that

I’m going to be racing 8th scale on-road R/c cars sunday. hope you guys have a good weekend… try and stay cool…