south florida DA meet

Wanna try it again.a DA meet in south florida.the last one sucked.tampa one was good.lets try to get another one down here again.this time lets make it big.if u are serious about coming plase saty true to your word.lets make it replies…

Sign me up.

As long as it’s before April 18th or after May 4th.

I have at least two other Tegs who I’ll try to bring along.

maybe i might be down deping on the date am sure most of the tampa guys would ride out

Im always DOWN…

Count me and my ALL MOTOR DB1 in for the meet.

Lets make it happen. Get a date.

I vote for Sat May 10th.

SAT. MAY 10th…

Sounds Great To Me.

Place? Time?

May 10th

Sounds mad good.May 10th lets do real this it here if u goona come for sure.tell everyone.and if other honda’s wanna come they r more then welcome.954-266-9584 save my number contact redline cuz he can contact me.i know he’s down db or not.lets do big

so are we saying May 10th at Markham park again?

I’m there.

may 10th i’m reserving w-u guys – don’t flake

May 10th sounds great to me. I should still be working 12PM till 8AM at the CASINO, so I will make it there to the park by noonish. It will be fun to see all of you again. My DB1 is running strong ALL MOTOR. It is fun.

So Haden, any more progress on the car?

Will it be ready by the meet (wishfull thinking)

I need to do my ABS to Non-ABS conversion this week.

My ABS has been disabled for years, but now I’m losing Brake fluid from the Master Cylinder into the ABS resovoir. I’m guessing I blew a seal inside the Modulator.

I have all the parts already. Just need to make some time to work on it.

i’m hoping to ready by may 10th

i blew my engine.well at runs just on 2 or 3 cylinders.oil pan gasket split in 3 spots lost oil rod knocks.puff 2 days later dead motor.looking at a motor 2day.takes 1 day to get in running.just gotta get 1.i’ll be there regardless…

hey guys i have a 95 gsr, can i come?:stare:

Meet in the works?



Of course you can. I’m just kidding. The More, the merrier.

Daniel, Think you can make it this time? Been forever since I’ve seen you!

I will try hopefully I am off that day or I can work something out. It has been a long time.

ahhh – sounds like fun already –

David-- if u gonna work on the car seriously on saturday – call me i’ll swing by – and no --i doubt my car will be up & running (i need a hoist)

Danny – still haven’t met that 350Z yet --it would be an honor to see u… get some time off damnit…

Ralfy – u da man … good times as usual

magiccity954- good luck on that new swap–
who hell invited a slo ass G3 GS-R? … he can come, but he gets garbage duty …

Actually, I did it last night. Took me about 4 hours. but I have a leak in the fitting at the rear of the Master cylinder. That is the one I had to crimp the new fitting in order to use the ABS Master Cylinder with the non-abs lines.
I’m going to try to tighten it tonight to see if it stops leaking, otherwise I will have to re-crimp. hopefully not, becasue that means I would have to remove the Master Cylinder again to get my hands in there.

This project was so NOT fun :frowning:

it MIGHT be possible for me. Not gonna ride alone tho and I dont think anyone up here will roll with…lets see what happens. Thats the wife’s b’day weekend and mothers day is around then…$ is kinda tight for a day trip.

Ill get back at u guys as it gets closer!



What a @#$%^& nightmare!!!

My ABS to non-ABS conversion is DONE!!!

8 Hours
over $100
Destroyed my hands
My Back is KILLING ME!!!
My mouth has spewed EVERY curse word known to man, and a bunch more I created specificaly for this project!!!

Removal went fairly painless, although getting the old lines out of the engine bay was a pain as expected.

I had replaced the 12mm fitting for the rear on the master cylinder ahead of time, so I wouldn;t have to try to crimp it inside the engine compartment.

I mounted everything and created the two line extensions for the rear brakes out of the ABS lines.

When I put it al back together, I had a massive leak at the rear firtting for the master cylinder. I tried tightening it, but no luck. Still leaked all over the place.

I ended up cutting off the tip and re-flaring 5 times!!! Removed and re-inatalled the Master cylinder so many times I lost count. Still leaking all over the place.

After much cursing, I decided to bite the bullet and go get a new master cylinder to see if the problem was the fitting in side the master cylinder.

$40 later, I had a new master cylinder installed and bled everything.

The Good news is I’M DONE!!!

the bad news:

  1. My son won’t come near me, and my girlfriend is not speaking to me due to my screaming, cursing and throwing things.

  2. I discovered my brake boster has a huge vaccuum leak, so it will need to be replaced (remove the master cylinder again) :bang: