Spark Plug Cleaning

[SIZE=3]I just want to take out the spark plugs and clean them. I know how to get them out, but what is the best way to clean them?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]All tips welcome!!![/SIZE]


soak the end in CLR overnight. even with carbon deposits on them they will look brand new… I tried it for a test but I never put them back in the car…

why don’t you just get new ones, they are only $2 each… heck I change my ngk coppers every 6k…

yeah, i’ve never even heard of anyone cleaning spark plugs…just replace them.

what i do see is spit on em real good like after you take the chaw out ye mouth and then use one a mammy’s dinner rags to buff em up real nice. don’t let mammy catcha though. hewww weeee :hugs:

I cleaned a spark plug once on my lawn mower. I sanded the gap real quick. But for a car, that is ghetto. I can go down to Autozone and buy plugs for $1.69 a piece. Rather than wasting time, just buy new ones. If they’re fouled up enough that you have to clean them, do your car a favor and get new ones.

IF you do want to clean them put carb cleaner in the gap area soak then rinse then take a wire brush and clean then. Then let em dry. should work fine ive done this once cause i was strapped for $. Already had carb cleaner. But if you can afford it, Id buy new ones that you can just put in and not have to fuck with.

plus you can huff the carb cleaner…an added bonus…dammmmmn :rockon:

ps-i really did clean some shit offa my threads when checking my iridium plugs with spit…an amazingly good solvent. also, coca-cola and doctor pepper are some fucked up good battery terminal cleaners, and when aything elctrical is invlolved…crazy shittt