Spark plug cover bolts broke

When I was putting on the valve cover after a valve adjustment, I was tighting the crown nuts on the spark plug cover and I heard a snap. Apparently, the bolt that you would tighten the crown nut and the nut underneath it broke right above the black metal seal thing. I used a torque wrench set at the right setting so I know I didn’t over do it. Is there anything to do to replace that snapped bolt? Luckily, the black seal still stays put without the nut but still, but makes me feel a bit uneasy. Any advice?


been there done that gotta go to acura, or order it online

its cheap and easy to replace

the stud runs about 3 bucks, u just need a deep socket i believe 10mm to get it out, u probably need a new nut too that runs like 2bucks :slight_smile: