Spark Plugs question

Hey folks. Its time now to replace my Spark Plugs. I am satisfied with the OEM NGK units, but want to hear comments on those 4 electrode units and on Platinum tip plugs. Your answer will be welcome

I’ve used them for many years in my '92 teg, and they’re great! I noticed extra engine performance with them right away, and you should as well.

Also, I have no idea how long the plugs last, but they last a LONG time without noticeable performance degradation. I changed mine after more than 80K miles and really didn’t see much wear on the old plugs. I probably could have just left the old set in but I changed them anyway.

Overall, they’re worth the extra money.

there is absolutely no need for anything but the NGK vpowers in our integras. the platinums/multi electrode plugs don’t do anything for our cars. the NGK’s are proven to be just fine and good for quite a bit of horsepower.