speaker humming?!?

so i did a search and nothing really came up… i got an amped installed professionally and after wards my rear speakers began to hum only when i step on the gas, so im guessing that it may have something to do with my alternator. but i only have a 125W amp, is it normal to get the hum? or could it have been a bad install? ive brought it back a couple of times andthey cant seem to fix it completely. any one have any ideas???

It can be a number of things a missmatch of HU and amp,the gain on the amp is to high, poor power or ground on amp, running power and the RCAs together. :shrug: 94

90% of the time that is caused by a poor ground connection. I would take it back to the shop and tell them to do the install right this time.

Steven Kephart
Adire Audio

ya ive already taken it back twice. the first time they checked the ground and said it was good, second time i dont know what the guy did, but the humming wasnt as loud, but then it progressively got louder. so ya i think ill take it back again and see what they can do.

I don’t know if I trust that shop then. Can you see where the amplifier is grounded at? If so, remove the ground and sand away any paint, rust, or primer until you have bare metal anywhere the wire terminal is going to touch. This should give you a solid ground and eliminate the noise.

Steven Kephart
Adire Audio

what he said, almost always a bad ground

im 99.9% shure its a ground this is what i do

Have you tried a ground loop? search it on ebay they are cheap and great

sweet ive never heard of these before, i think ill give er a try!

where you wires are laid might make a difference but besides that good wires (top of the line or close), good connections, and a good clean amp. Some cheap amps have no nosie filters. The ground loop seems to what i needed and i bet it would work for your gen2 also. If I were you, if the ground loop does not work i would take it back and fix one of the other things.

Honestly I think the ground loop is a “band aid” rather than a solution. I think you would be much wiser to fix the problem (bad ground) instead. It is much cheaper after all.

As for the “quality” of the wires, as long as they are of sufficient awg, you should be fine. Spending a lot of money on power wires of the same size will do nothing to help noise issues.

Steven Kephart
Adire Audio


Remember also that your stereo system is only one part of your entire electrical system. Check and make sure all the other grounds in the car (i.e. Batt-Chassis etc.) are good and clean as well.

99.9% of the time, bad grounds are the cause of noise.