Speaker Sizes?

ive got a 92 integra RS hatchback… and crutchfield.com says the front door speakers are 6-1/2, and same for the rear… but both of them seem smaller than that… more like 5 and a half inches… anyone know the exact size i shoudl get?

Depending on the year, 2DR or 4DR, USDM or CDM, Some came with 5 1/4 or 6 1/2.

Mine has 5 1/4 all around but I got 6 1/2 to fit up front by using the screw holes the the baskets use. Supposedely you can fit 6 1/2 inch baskets up front, the ones from a 4 dr, or if even better one from a hatch with 6 1/2’s.

Search a junk yard.

its a 92… two door… USDM… im buyin new speakers… but idk what size to get… im probly just gonna go with 5-1/4 component sets just to be safe

Well get a measuring tape…it’s either 5 1/4" or 6.5".

Another Rochester person - nice. I have 6.5 inch components in fron in my 91 LS, and the problem was the depth of the woofers, not the diameter. 5.25 would have been too small for the baskets in my car, but I don’t know if the RS is different. The grill comes off easily - you can measure what is there.

its weird b/c when i went to best buy… hate the place but i go there sometimes…

i used their comp. look up shit and it says 6x9’s can be adapted to fit… WTF?? how’s that?

Well, with some custom fabrication to the door panel it could be done. I have no idea why someone would want to though.

thanks for all the replies guys… i measured and its definitely 5-1/4"… no way in hell ima fit 6-1/2’s in there… anyways… i got two sets of these off ebay for 80 bux a set brand new:


theres still a few available if anyones interested… the link is: