i have no clue on wats happening…?? my passenger speaker goes on and off… its not lyk on and off, on and off, on and off… it wont work for a while then suddenly it just works…

possible short in the wiring or the speaker is going out on you.

Need more info… what kind of HU and what kind of speaker, [make and model] and amp, if there is one driving the speaker?
Also, is the speaker, [if aftermarket] mounted to the stock speaker housing, without any modifications to it?

Try this simple test to see if its the speakers VC that is “damaged”, the next time it does not work, without doing anything else, gently push in on the speakers cone, if it starts working, the VC has a dead spot and the speaker needs to be replaced.

A common problem with installing aftermarket speakers in a Honda/Acura, is the speakers terminals or tinsel leads, [wires running from term. to speaker cone/VC] can short out against the doors inside metal skin.

Another thing to try, if pushing the cone did not do anything, [again without doing anything else] unscrew the speaker from it’s mount, if it starts working its probably a short at the term. or tinsel leads, at the same time you can check and make sure the tinsel leads are not touching each other or the speaker basket.

If that doesnt work, you will have to pull the H and check the connection, and make sure wires are not getting “pinched” under the back of the HU. :hmm:94