speed sensor problems

Hey whats going on… I just put a hydro tranny in a cable car… now from the car for the speedo it is a cable that slides in… but on the hydro tranny it is a clip… wha am i soupposed to do to fix this? I am thinkin of maybe going to a junk yard and tryin to pull a speedo from a old d-series tranny and seein if that fits in the hydro tranny… but one is electronic and the other isn’t… so i dunno if it will work… now my other idea is to run the wires from the hydro tranny speed sensor to where they need to be… so cany anyone help me out on what i need to do? also if i have to run wires where do they go???

your speed sensor need to be from a cable tranny so it will match the car.

will a speedo from a 88-91 d series tranny fit in my 95 gsr tranny???