speed sensor

does anyone know the price of a speed sensor for our cars? I have no vtec, no speedo, and no odometer. I also have a check engine light on after the car is warm. If says code 17 which is the speed sensor. Anyone else have experience or problems with it? all this started after i put my tranny back in from a rebuild. Other then no vtec and speedo and things the new clutch and 9 lb flywheel feel great.

thanks in advance

Pull out your cluster and see if you can turn the speedometer by hand. Mine seized up, so I bought a new cluster from the junkyard. Acura wanted $500 for just the speedometer assembly, and the speed sensor is on the back of it, but doesn’t come separately. If the speedo is seized, you’ll also have to replace the cable.


naw the speedo isnt seized or anything. it worked right before the tranny came out. there is a speed sensor on the side if the tranny. i think that is what went bad. well that is what the code says is bad. thanks anyways bro.

unless you actually check, you can’t know that the speedo is still good. Mine went from working perfectly to not at all overnight.

I dont see how a speed sensor would effect the vtec since it works from rpms. did you try resetting the ecu?

Check and make sure that the speedo cable is in firmly on your dash and also the tranny.

you probably forgot to plug the speed sensor cable back in to the tranny. Vtec will not work if the speed sensor is not hook up.

thanks for the help guys. i will look at that as soon as i get my car here. hates that it is in the states and i cant get it until a week and a half from now. I hope the vtec works when i recheck it all. I really want to see the difference with the new stuff.

once again thanks for all the coments and suggestions.

maybe with this i can hit the 18s in the 1/4 :slight_smile: