speed sensor

ok my speedo dont work and i went to check the tranny and the cable and the whole bracket were the cable goes inside pulls out of the tranny? is there any way i can lock it in there and have my speedo working

theres suppose to be some sort of u shaped clip that holds the cable in there.

there is a lil U shaped clip with loops on the top of the bent up “U” but the speed sensor has one bolt to hold it into the tranny which is like on the side closer to the middle of the car. u’ll see where it goes if u pull out the speed sensor. its one long bolt, with a 10mm head. its easier to put in with a universal swivel and a long extension or many extensions put together.

oh and for the clip to hold the speedo cable to the speed sensor… there is a lil slot near the top of the shaft on the speed sensor, that has the clip go thru it which holds the speedo cable to it. the speedo cable itself has a recessed area (slot all the way around) that the clip will hook into.