speedo cable broke

ok my speedometer only goes up to 20 mph and i am getting this loud grinding kindof rattling in the dash behind the guages that gets louder when i go faster
does anyone know how to fix it. thanks

Did you just install indiglos or did any type of removal of your intrument cluster? If you recently did, maybe your speedo wasn’t plugged in all the way and your cable is spinning and hitting stuff back there. Do you have a 5 spd or auto? I have a 5 spd. Not sure if autos are different w/ the speedos.
Before you take all that stuff out to get to your speedo, look at your tranny and check the speedo cable there to see if all that is in working order first. Is the pin still there? Follow the cable to the firewall and check for some slack.
Do that first before you take out your cluster… cuz plugging that speedo back in can be a bi@tch.
Strange thing how your mph goes up to 20. If it straight snapped, it shouldn’t be working at all?


whats up
no i didnt install indiglows or doing thing with the cluster.
i think it may have come loose from the cluster and is about to completly come off ( that may be why it is only going up to 20)
but i think i am gona take it to the shop tomarow and talk to them and see if they would fix it or what they think i should do.
o and i have a 5 spd. well thanks for your help